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Privacy policy

Welcome to the SUSU community,


Happy to see that you care for your privacy just like we do! For the international online community that we are, privacy rules are a challenge, since we don’t have global agreements on this. SUSU Is registered in California, USA and we will, therefore, abide by CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), so your data is safe with us.


In this policy, we will explain what we do with the personal data we collect, and how we secure your privacy to the extent of our abilities. Realize that if you follow us on social media such as Instagram or YouTube, they have their own policy on Data Protection that is beyond our reach. Our love for food includes cookies as well and in this policy, we will explain how we use the digital ones. 


Let’s start with the official privacy policy.


What personal data do we collect, why, for how long and on what legal grounds?

SUSU community members

The SUSU community consists of many friends from all around the world joining in celebrating lifestyle SUSU aims to bring forward to you. When you join our community by signing up for the newsletter, we ask;

- your name,

- your email address,

- we get to see your IP address when you sign up,

- and we get to see your social media account name and photo/avatar that you use on our socials

We might receive additional data that you send us voluntarily in a message through email, or contact form or on our socials. We don’t officially keep track of this data and we strongly advise you not to send personal medical information to us. We collect your data to welcome you as a SUSU community member, and to send you occasional exclusive recipes and information on plant-based living. We do so because you asked us to do this when you signed up for the newsletter. The legal basis is permission, and you can step out of the community at any time by using the signing off link in our emails. 


We love receiving your emails, and most of the time we delete it directly after reading it. Sometimes we keep it for a few months to give us some time to respond or to memorize any ideas, requests, or recipes that you ask us to add to the community.


Any response that you give on our social media channels will remain posted until you delete it yourself, or the channel decides to archive or delete your messages. When we decide that a response is compromising in any way, we are free to delete that response.

We respect your rights

When it comes to your personal data, we respect your rights. You’re entitled to ask us to edit your details, delete them completely, or restrict their usage. Would you like to access your personal details (which mostly consist only of your name, email address, and a part of your IP address), or receive a copy? Just let us know by email or postcard if you like, we’ll return your message with the technical details that we have on you. Inform us when you object to the use of your information for marketing purposes or let us know that you feel your privacy weighs more heavily than our interests. We’ll review the situation in this case. Do you want us to transfer your information to another party? Although we may not have a lot of data on you, we will, of course, abide by this in accordance with the CCPA obligation. Send us your request and we'll make it happen. We do want to make sure it’s really you. That’s why we can ask for additional information to establish your identity. We also do this when we receive unclear requests.

If you want to leave the SUSU community, know that we’re going to miss you. But we will let go of you as soon as you unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of every newsletter. 


Now… how about cookies?


We would like to serve you with our cookie menu below. 


We can’t live without cookies, so we obviously collect functional cookies. These cookies help us to give you the best SUSU experience; such as monitoring whether you view our content on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, so we can display the website properly. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these functional cookies.


We also favor analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics and these cookies help us to figure out what our SUSU community desires the most at a certain moment. This helps us to pitch new ideas when the community is waiting for it. We do not collect your individual data for our Analytics. We collect anonymized data such as your region, and how long you have visited the website. Google is not allowed to share this data with others. You do not need to give us permission to serve you these cookies.


We told you about the use of affiliate links in this privacy statement. The affiliate links use tracking cookies and the shop has a cookie pop-up notification to give you a warning in time. If you don’t use the affiliate links, we do not place any tracking cookies.


If you’d rather not have any cookies at all, be sure to arrange this yourself within your browser settings. You can turn off our cookies and JavaScript. Please note that our website does not work optimally if you do so. How to turn off or delete cookies is explained by your browser. As a service, we provide you the hyperlinks to every browser we know: ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerEdgeSafari (iOS)Safari (macOS).


If you have questions or suggestions after reading this, please send us an email, with the subject PRIVACY, so we can get back to you soon.


This privacy policy was last edited on the May 10th, 2020.


With the outmost sincere love beats + gratitude, 


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