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Crème Fraîche

If you tried Crème Fraîche then you will know what I am about to say here. Forget sour cream, heavy cream... all the creams. When it comes down to it, there is simply no contests, Crème Fraîche is the undisputed 'Dairy Queen'.


Crème Fraîche is so easy to make at home, and incredibly affordable compared to the store bought brands out there, that charge a fortune for this simple two ingredient, yet allusive product. It's a deliciously rich cultured cow's cream, with a thick texture that is slightly tart and nutty that makes anything it comes in contact with, that much better.

I like to add Crème Fraîche to my pasta sauces (especially Bolognese) stews and curry's. I love it with a twice backed potato and I'm absolutely crazy about it when I top it over some fresh fruit, especially berries, adding some honey or maple syrup... pure heaven!

So let's do it!



  • 1 CUP (250g) Heavy cream (try to get the best quality brand in your area)

  • 1 Tbsp (20g) butter-milk

Yes... that's all you need. That simple.


Step 1

  • I like to use a mason jar, but any other similar vessel will do.

  • Add the cream and butter milk and stir well combining both liquid dairies.

  • Cover with the jar lid, or alternatively, using a plastic wrap or even a coffee filter with a rubber band will do fine

  • Store in room temperature (roughly 70-78 F or 21-25 C) overnight, 12Hrs.


Step 2

  • Next morning uncover, texture should be thick and rich.

  • Use right away or refrigerate for upto 14 days.


Once the refrigerated, the Crème Fraîche will continue to thicken and the flavors will continue to develop.


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