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Adapt to Survive

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

In these ever changing COVID 19 days, where a restaurant or bar can find it self open one day, only to be ordered to close down the next, restaurants must adapt to survive. Those who don't, or are too slow todo so, will limit their chances to survive this unprecedented challenging times the hospitality industry is facing.


As we all know restaurants are one part of the economy that was possibly the worst hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. Since the industry was ordered to shut down back in March with an ever-changing and an unknown date to reopen, the day restaurants and bars were allowed to open again, felt like July 4th for alot of us, (you could literally hear the fireworks at some places).

However, it seem that the party started too early, and now that restaurant and bars are ordered to take a step back again, in the hopes this will help curve the alarming rise in COVID 19 daily world breaking record numbers (not in the positive sense unfortunately), restauranteurs are asked to find solutions once again, in an effort to keep afloat in this uncharted COVID 19 sea of change.

Thankfully, restauranteurs are known to be a resilient group of individuals, and there isn't much that can stand in their way (if you didn't, you should try to open a restaurant once and then operating one to really understand what I mean). To open a restaurant or bar, in most cases mean to go against all reason and sensibility. Why on earth would anyone want to get into a business that has more than 60% failing rate in the first year and 80% in their 5th anniversary. Why on earth would anyone want to operate a grueling business, with slim margins and crazy hours (60-70 hrs per week at best). I'll tell you why, because for most of restauranteurs, there was simply no other choice. It was their calling, the thing that made you the happiest even when you are miserable, upset, stressed and just fed up. It is because of the given chance to feed, celebrate and serve other people you would normally never get to meet or know in any other circumstances. That in a nutshell is why.

As you all have noticed in your own cities and communities, now that we figured out that the chances of contaminating are far lower when gathering outdoors, restauranteurs all over the country are quick to adapt, turning their outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, roofs... whatever areas in their premise, that have no roof and can be converted to an outdoor seating, it shall be done (with the grateful understanding of local municipalities and landowners ofcourse).

Going around my community and surroundings, I notices some restauranteurs creative efforts to make us feel safe and secure, alleviating any concerns we may have, freeing us up to enjoy our precious time together with friends, family and loved ones. Once we do make the decision to brave it out, and go out for a drink or bite that is (as you may see from a small collection of pictures from around the country above).

So let me finish with these words for all you restauranteurs and diners out there, who may be considering venturing out to a long loved restaurant, terribly missing that dish you enjoyed so much... please, please make an effort to support your local restaurants. They need your support more than ever now. And for the restauranteurs, please make an extra effort, making your new outdoor area as pleasant and safe as possible (wouldn't hurt if looked cute as well).

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