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SUSU KITCHEN is the culmination of my life's journey. A world traveler, a 'master of none', who found his destiny fulfilled in the service of other mankind, preparing and serving drinks + lavish bites, in an orchestrated harmony of beats, loud conversations and rattling of dishes + glasses.  

This is my story, the story of a restaurant industry enthusiast. So join me as I share my experiences, stories, recipes + other memorable moments, that are forever embedded

with me.




I was fortunate in my journey to travel this beautiful planet and had the chance to breathe, taste and live in some magical places that have made me become who I am today. SUSU (or Su Su), is a term used in Thai, often when one is looking to cheer someone up, to keep one going, keep moving forward, even when the light may sometimes be quite bleak. SUSU always reminded you to smile, keep going, and see the light behind the shadows.

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